Drum Lessons

The Drums are a great instrument to play, whether in your own home or on stage, We have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to play your favourite style of music. Starting with the basic drum beats and rudiments, over time you can learn and develop the techniques to play like a professional. The possibilities with learning such a universally credited instrument are endless. Graded examinations provided by RockSchool.

we are currently offering 25% off the first 4 weeks, fill in the form below to take advantage of this offer. Offer ends 29.02.2020

How it works

All our lessons are weekly one-to-one 30 minute sessions, lessons cost £55.00 per month on a rolling monthly contract and require 4 weeks notice to cancel. Students also benefit from our online login to aid their practice at home. To apply for lessons, fill out the form below and we will email you with availability and to pay for the first lesson (£13.20). At the end of your first lesson, if you want to carry on, we will sign you up to a monthly direct debit from the following week.